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In dialogue with Nano

View on data lines of a computer chip. Source: Dr. Hand U. Danzebrink/cc-NanoBioNet e.V.

The NanoKommission was created in late 2006 by the Federal Government as a central, national body for dialogue. Together they are working on solutions for dealing with the opportunities and risks of nanotechnologies, focusing on nanomaterials. The NanoKommission has worked in 2 phases of dialogue (2006-2008 und 2009-2011) and finished with recommendations of the German Federal Government's NanoKommission for 2008 "Responsible Use of Nanotechnologies".

In the second phase of the NanoDialogue 2009 to 2010 the German NanoKommission met eight times.

The report presents the work and results of the second phase of the NanoDialogue from 2009 to 2011. Efforts were focused on continuing and consolidating the work to harness the potential benefits of nanomaterials for sustainable development, environmental protection, resource conservation, human health and consumption clusters such as construction and housing, energy, mobility and communication.